05.04 – Coordination Set 28 – Knockdown – Hip Stomp

If you try to take an injured man down by merely kicking him in the hip, the results will be sloppy — meaning, sometimes he’ll go down, sometimes he won’t. You need to make sure the answer is “every time.” Stomping makes that happen — this is less a kick (reaching out and touching him with your foot) and actually about seeing if you can stand up on his hip. Overload is what buckles his structure and slams him down.

Tools, Targets & Results:

  1. Hammer the neck – make him faint
  2. Hook the kidney – knock the wind out of him
  3. Open hand strike the groin – knock the wind out of him & keep him busy
  4. Claw the eyes – blind him
  5. Stomp the hip – take him down & bounce his head off the concrete
  6. Kick the liver – knock the wind out of him & bruise the liver
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