Live Training Primer – Lesson 4 – Health & Conditioning Info

Conditioning Requirements:

To receive the maximum benefit from this training (and to assure your training partner does, too) you must have at least a base-level of cardiovascular fitness and balance before attending.

While you won’t ‘spar’ during the training, you will act as a reaction partner during our proprietary “free practice” periods (this is where everything you’ve learned comes together.) This requires you be up-and-down on the mats… a lot. While it’s done in a slow, controlled environment, you need sufficient conditioning to work through 2 full days of this.

You won’t be tested but if you’re currently not in some type of cardio conditioning program you will need to begin 4-6 weeks prior to class. Example: Walk briskly 30 minutes a day.

Here are a couple simple tests that allow you to assess your current level of conditioning and balance:

Up & Down: From a seated position on the floor, how many limbs (legs and arms) do you require to get yourself to a standing position? If you require both legs and both arms to help you get back into a standing position you are currently NOT physically prepared to handle the ups-and-downs of two full days of training.

If it takes 3 limbs or less, you should be okay but you’ll still want to practice daily doing at least 5 up-and-down cycles in a row.

Balance: You need to be able to balance on one foot at a time. This 15-second Balance Test video is a good quick review of your current ability. If you currently have balance issues, the video shows you way to improve with practice and conditioning.

(Note: you won’t need to be able to balance with your eyes closed, but it’s still great practice.)

Finally, included with this program are a series of Leg Dynamics videos. The short, simple movements shown on these videos reinforce both your conditioning and balance. And it only takes 7 minutes a day. We recommend doing these once each day.

Health Requirements:

It is important that we understand any health issues you may have that would prohibit you or put you at risk from ‘physically’ participating fully in the live training seminar.

If you have a health issue and would like to discuss it further, email Sarah at [email protected] prior to registering.

Please note that having any of the following medical/health issues prohibits you from participating in a regular live training seminar:

  1. Taking prescription pain medication, blood thinners or any medication that causes drowsiness and/or affects coordination
  2. Currently involved with physical therapy for spinal issues or other injuries that could be aggravated during class
  3. Any major cardiovascular or spinal surgeries in the last 5 years
  4. Chronic, uncorrectable balance issues (ex. use of cane for walking)
  5. Injuries or body weight that impairs you physically or limits your mobility
  6. Daily O2 therapy
  7. Pregnancy
If your current physical and/or health condition prohibit you from attending the TFT live training bootcamp, you can still train at your own pace with our DVD programs. Questions on how best to train with or without a reaction partner, please email [email protected]
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