Live Training Primer – Lesson 3 – Leg Dynamics

Leg Dynamics: How to Stand, Step & Move with Power, Balance & Structure

The TFT Leg Dynamics program will dramatically add to your current power base… and never waste a single moment doing it. This is the ONE set of exercises that enables you to develop maximum “TFT-specific” strength. Though not critical to attending live training, working with this material (even for a short while) will enable you to perform movements more efficiently during class. You’ll discover a complete power routine you can do in less than 14 minutes. And one that requires absolutely NO EQUIPMENT!

If your body weight is the payload you want to send crashing through his targets, then leg dynamics make up the catapult that hurls it through him. If you watch the coordination set videos carefully, you’ll see that the instructors step and move in specific ways to ensure that they are driving their body weight forward and through, that they are braced for impact to make it stick, and maintain their balance so they can do it again. All of this is achieved with proper leg dynamics, and the videos below will get you started on mastering them.


  1. Work through a session with all of the leg dynamics videos.
  2. When viewing the coordination sets, pay close attention to which leg dynamics are used and where. Use those leg dynamics in your own practice.
  3. Make leg dynamics a habit! Once a day with each leg is all it takes, less than a minute. The benefits, however, are spectacular — better structure, better balance and better movement all mean you’ll hit like a ton of bricks.

Leg Dynamics in 60 Seconds

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