Live Training Primer – Lesson 1 – General Info

Training Facility Info

The facility will be announced for each Live Training Event via email to the participants who are paid in full. They are generally held in a hotel conference area, college rec center or semi-private facility.


Hotel, airline and car rental reservations are your responsibility.

Most people rent a car for the weekend but you can also take a cab from your hotel.

If you’re flying into Las Vegas, you’ll be coming into McCarran International Airport.


For events held in Las Vegas, there are many lodging options. If we have a particular recommendation, we will make it via Email to participants of the relevant event.


The training will run from 9am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday (Saturday could run longer, possibly to 6pm). Plan to arrive each day about 8:30am.

What to Bring

Bottled water will be supplied at the event. You can bring a lunch or there are (generally) plenty of shops and restaurants around the Las Vegas area.

Please wear long pants like loose fitting jeans or cargo pants (these are tough and let you grip them without tearing).

No stretch pants, or spandex, please.

For the top, it is preferred that you wear a plain white T-shirt for each day. Designs on the shirt are ok as long as it is nothing offensive or bright.

While on the mats you won’t need shoes (socks or bare feet). Socks are preferred but if you choose to wear shoes on the mats, these must be shoes without sharp edges around the soles, and must NOT have been worn outdoors.

For men it is not required or needed to wear a cup, but that is up to the participant.

What To Do Before You Attend a Class

Although conditioning is not critical in an actual confrontation, for you to maximize your training time you need to at least be in reasonable shape. So if you haven’t already, plan to do some cardio work (jogging or hill climbing) prior to the sessions.

Be sure to spend some time with the Leg Dynamics & Breakfalls videos in your members area. These exercises will definitely aid your training experience.

Other than this, there are no prerequisites or requirements for attending. Because this training is very unique, everyone starts from basically the same level. If you’ve had a chance to review any of the TFT video/DVD material that will help but, again, it’s not mandatory.


If you have any other questions about your Live Self Defense Training Class, please email Stephanie at [email protected], or call her at 888-314-7616 (please be mindful that she is on Pacific Standard Time).

Thanks for joining us, and as always with a TFT live training, get ready for…

…the experience of your lifetime!
To a Great Training,

Tim LarkinCreator, Target-Focus Training

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