Core Training – Lesson 6

Rotation, Penetration, Injury, Period.

Penetration & rotation through a target not only causes injury, but also happens to solve any vector problems. A vector problem is where you have a potential line of force that could intersect your body — a grab, a punch or kick, a swinging bat, a diving tackle, or a bullet from the barrel of a gun. So the base machine that drives injury also solves vector problems — as a side effect. This means that going straight for injury solves everything at once. You injure the man and handle the vector without having to worry about several things simultaneously. All you have to do is hurt him so he can’t continue.

A firearm requires a functional operator to work. Take out that operator, NOW.


  1. Watch the videos in Introduction to Firearms; follow along with your reaction partner.
  2. Work through a session of free practice for each video of Coordination Sets 29 – 32 (four sessions).
  3. Take the time to look for natural opportunities to slot the various takedowns and neck/spine breaks into free practice. CAREFULLY.
  4. Do your leg dynamics once a day.
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